Monday, July 20, 2009


Tips For Shaking Cocktails

Many cocktail recipe's need ingredients to be shaken by a cocktail shaker making it very enjoyable and more refreshing for your guests.Shaking is a very simple technique and it can be mastered in no time.Once you master it then your cocktails will emerge cool,crisp,and concentrated.

Here Is How

  • Place ice cubes in a shaker as it will cool the shaker and the liquid that will be in the shaker.
  • Use 5-6 ice cubes in one drink.
  • While making two drinks use less ice to make room in the shaker.
  • Do not overfill the shaker and give room for the ingredients to move around.
  • Shake most ingredients vigorously till the count of ten
  • Shake to a rhythm .Hum a tune to make it best.
  • Shake frozen or blended drinks with crushed ice.
  • Do not add fruit to the shaker.Instead add it after the drink is strained
  • Shake drinks longer and harder that have many ingredients or ingredients that do not mix well such as eggs or cream.
Here are some cocktail shakers


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