Monday, June 29, 2009


Tips While Making A Cocktail

Most of us know how to make a cocktail and even the simple ones also. But we only lack a bit of perfection.Like if we do not have enough salt in our food then we don't get the exact taste.Similarly in our cocktail the slightest of mistakes can change or even ruin the taste of the cocktail

So here are some points to note while making a cocktail

  • Proper glassware is essential.At least martini glass,old fashioned glass,tall glass is necessary
  • Serve cold cause 99% of drinks are served cold.Don't make large drinks because it can get warm before you can finish it.
  • Keep martini glasses chilled,either in freezer or on the ice
  • Use plenty of ice - don't skimp
  • Never reuse the ice in a cocktail shaker
  • A new cocktail needs fresh ice
  • do not leave the liqueur on the ice as it can get watery
  • Invest in a good strainer because you do not want picking bits out of your teeth or feeling a texture on your tongue that should not be there
  • While muddling ingredients like mint,do not muddle them as raspberries or strawberries.Muddle just to bruise as it ll not make the cocktail bitter and it ll release the essential ingredient of your drink

So i hope these tips will make your cocktails better and if you find an error or if you like them feel free to comment or message me.


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