Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Watch Out While Making Flaming Shots

There are many recipies that are called a shot or a drink with fire.Its neat and pretty cool when it is done the right way.However there are many things to keep in mind when dealing with flaming alchohol.
  • Never consume a drink when it is lit on fire. Always BLOW it out.
  • Close all the bottles of alchohol before lighting the drink and move away from the presentation area.
  • Don't serve flaming drinks to guests who are unknown to it
  • If you cant see the flame then turn the lights out because alchohol burns with a blue flame that is not always visible to normal light.Never put your face next to the drink or stick your finger in it.
  • Dont let the flame burn to long.The glass may heat and crack and also the taste of the drink also gets ruined.
  • Dont add additional alchohol to the burning drink beacuse there is risk of spraying fire around or haveing a flaming bottle.
  • Always use heavy glassware.Thin glass may crack or may get etched.
  • Short,round glasses such as snifter are better suitable for flaming drinks then tall thin ones.
All that of being said, flaming drinks are very snazzy and give a good presentation value!Its all common sense,so enjoy them and just use that little bit of grey matter so no one dies in a flaming inferno.Beacause no one is really a fan of that.

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