Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Devil's Candy

This is a flaming shot that you have in parties and at the bar

Now lets make The Devil's Candy

Ingriedients For The Devil's Candy
* Sour Water melon Pucker
* Schnapps
* Bacardi 151

Quantities For One Drink
* 1 Part Sour Water melon Pucker (Pucker)
* 1 Part Schnapps (Hot Damn)
* A bit of Bacardi 151

* Take a Shot Glass
* Add Schnapps and Sour Water melon Pucker in the shot glass
Float Bacardi 151 on the top of the glass
*Light the top
*Before drinking make sure you blow out the flame first
Serving glass
* Shot Glass

If any of you need a recipe on any Flaming Shots then message me and comment me on this post


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